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Our story

A few years ago my friend Affan and I were driving around Montreal, Canada looking for a place to play soccer. Fields were either too crowded or completely empty. 

Like most people, our first instinct was to pull up our phones, we thought “there’s got to be an app that connects sports players to facilities.” There wasn’t. So, we decided to make one! 

Quickly after finishing our app we learned that the management softwares being sold to sports facilities were SO outdated that we would never be able to integrate with them. That’s when we decided to make one ourselves.

What makes us different? User centric design. Everything we do always has and always will have, the user (you) at the heart of it. We don't make software for "sports facilities" really we make software for people that own and operate them.

- Michael
CEO, Co-Founder


Our team leads progression.

Alvie Kamal


Affan Jilani


Michael Halevy


Arryan Zaman


Steven Clark